7 Things to Look for When Searching for a Tow Truck Company Near You

No one ever plans to have car trouble, but it happens to just about everyone at some point. Whether you break down on the side of the road, get into an unfortunate accident, or simply walk outside to find that your vehicle isn’t going to cooperate today, you might need some help.

While there are a ton of tow truck companies you can call, which is the right one? The truth is that not all towing services are created equal. Some might not offer the services you need, try to rob you of your hard-earned cash, or just be downright unpleasant to deal with.

When you’re in a bind, finding a reliable tow truck operator is important. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are seven things to look for when searching for a tow truck company near you.

1. Check Reviews

In today’s digital world, reputation is everything. According to one recent survey, 86% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses before deciding whether to hand over their trust. Before you hire a tow truck company near you, look online to see what others have to say.

Some of the popular review sources include Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Angieslist, and Yellowpages. Not every review needs to be positive (some rival businesses might post fake negative reviews), but look for a sense of consumer sentiment as well as how a business responds to its feedback.

2. Examine Company Credentials

One thing you don’t want is for your vehicle to be towed by some fly by night operator that doesn’t even have a business license or insurance. Before you trust a towing company with your ride, check that they are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

What about training? Are the operators trained to do their jobs? If this information isn’t available online, call the company and ask for it.

3. Compare Costs

Not all towing companies will display their prices online, but any reputable company will give you a quote before starting services. Ask the company for a breakdown of costs and decide whether or not this is fair.

The cheapest towing company isn’t necessarily the best. However, you should be wary of any company that won’t name a price or whose price is out of line with the others. Be sure to weigh other pros and cons before making a decision about which company will get your business.

4. Review Service List

Another important factor is the services that the towing company provides. Granted most towing services can tow your vehicle, but can they do it fast? What about specialty towing such as in low clearance garages or for large equipment or trucks?

Other services that you might need include roadside assistance and winch out services. Maybe you just have a flat tire or have run out of gas. A full-service towing company can help with these minor issues and get you back on the road fast.

5. Verify Service Area

It wouldn’t make sense to call a towing company that won’t come out to your current location. One of the first things you should do is verify the service area of the company.

If you’re currently stranded and you pull up towing companies on your phone, the ones that show up will generally service your area. When living or working in a city, it’s generally a good idea to have a reputable towing service in mind so that you can help when you need it.

6. Available 24/7?

You never know when trouble is going to strike. Cars and trucks don’t care about your schedule, but some towing companies do. Find a tow operator that is open around the clock so that they will be there when you need them the most.

7. Check the Attitude

Finally, how friendly is the company dispatcher on the phone? Have you reached someone that is eager to help and shows compassion for your troubles? Or, are they rude and dismissive?

Everyone has a bad day, but there’s a good chance that your first contact with a company will set the stage for things to come. If they are focused on customer service, this is the company for you.

Even if you need towing or roadside service right now, it will only take a few extra moments to do some research on local towing companies before you make a choice. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be taken care of in your time of need.

At Seattle Towing, we offer comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services 24 hours a day and have established a reputation for customer service and professionalism. We promise competitive rates and fast service to help you resolve your vehicle-related issues as with as little inconvenience as possible. Give us a call now.