Is Towing Rough on My Car?

Your vehicle might be your pride and joy, your only means of transportation, or both. It can be scary to think about losing your car or truck after an accident or breakdown, and you might be worried about the impact of towing.

While it’s never fun to have your vehicle towed, you can rest easy knowing that further harm from towing is highly unlikely. Provided you choose a towing provider that is fully licensed, insured, and employs the most qualified operators, you won’t have any issues.

Most tow trucks today use flatbed methods, but this isn’t always the case. If you engage the wheels on a vehicle and roll it from one place to another, this is the most likely type of towing method that can result in damage by an untrained operator.

Putting Your Vehicle in Neutral

Most tow truck drivers will ask that you put your vehicle in neutral and will double-check that this is done. Any vehicle towed on the ground that is placed in park can experience damage to the wheels and the transmission.

In most cases, a vehicle is either placed on a flatbed truck or connected to a wheel-lift tow truck. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, a wheel-lift truck can also be a safe option.

Two-Wheel vs. All-Wheel Drive

It’s important to note the type of transmission your vehicle has when choosing a towing option and taking safety precautions. For example, you can damage the drivetrain by using a wheel-lift truck with an all-wheel or 4X4 drive.

For front-wheel drive vehicles, it’s best to lift the drive wheels off the ground or use a flatbed. If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, most recommend that you remove or disconnect the drive shaft to prevent transmission damage.

Use a Qualified Tow Operator

While most towing providers use up-to-date equipment and have well-trained staff, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t assume this is the case. Do some quick checking and ask a few questions before you hire a towing company.

At Seattle Towing, we understand that a broken down vehicle is your first headache and finding the right towing company is your second. We have established a strong record of safely transporting all types of vehicles in a fast and friendly manner. Contact us now for reliable and safe towing services.